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Raw Food. Fast, Easy and Fun!

Welcome What's new Raw explained quotes & tips

Ahoy Mateys! Welcome! My name’s Noella Reeder, the ‘Captain’ of this website.

Do ye need rescuing from feeling sick and tired?
Do ye need to throw some ‘excess baggage’ overboard?
Would ye like to have some healthy RAW recipes that are tasty and EASY to make and won’t cause yer crew to mutiny!?
Do ye need some practical help to protect ye from all the pirates trying to steal yer health and energy?
Ye’ve come to the right place!

What do I mean by Raw Food?

Raw means uncooked; not heated over 116° Celcius.(Heating food over that temperature causes all the enzymes to be killed and a lot of other vital nutrients to be destroyed.) I am not suggesting that you eat raw meat, fish, eggs and dairy although if it wasn't for the dangers or bacteria, parasites, etc., and the general grossness of the idea, it would be better for us to eat these things raw. Actually many people are feeding a raw diet of meat, fish, eggs, and veggies to their dogs and cats and seeing wonderful healthy results, which makes sense considering that animals don't cook their food in the wild! Wild animals also don't suffer the many of the same diseases that domesticated animals do!

A healthy raw food diet basically consists of a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruit, nut, seeds and sprouted grains. (Check out my raw food pyramid in the info & help section) There are an almost unending variety of tasty and creative ways to prepare meals from these raw ingredients as you will find out more about on this site!

Good luck to you on your treasure hunt for more delicious raw recipes!

Reasons to Eat Raw Food

What cooking does to food:

- kills 100% of enzymes
- destroys a large amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients
- makes fiber mushy so it doesn't do it's job right
- creates many new toxic substances that our body treats as enemies which puts a strain on our immune system
- coagulates protien rendering much of it unusable to our bodies
- caramelizes sugars rendering much of them unusable to our bodies
- causes water loss
- makes the food harder to digest so our body has to work harder - also causes putrefecation from sitting too long in our intestines which winds up playing host to a number of harmful bacteria and parasites, yeast, etc.
- turns some minerals into ash which builds up in our intestines as a tar-like mucoid plaque that inhibits the absorption of nutrients.

Basically Raw food in it's uncooked, unadulterated, unprocessed form is by far nutritionally superior to cooked food! It's no wonder people feel better eating raw foods and often see great healing take place in their bodies when going raw.

Tip of the Day

Try to find a week's worth of recipes in each category to begin going raw.
Having recipes for around 5 salads, soups, entrees, dips, desserts
snacks, etc. will give you a great boost in getting going!

Raw Quote of the Day

"If you are what you eat, then you should eat living foods!"